Coconut Sugar Sachets(50 Sachets)

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Now you can carry your favorite coconut sugar wherever you travel. This packet of sachets will not only help to keep track of your daily consumption of sugar but it can be easily carried in the pocket. So buy coconut sugar sachets now.

  • Coconut sugar is pure, delicious with the taste of caramel flavor, unrefined alternative to white sugar or any kind of artificial sugar. In addition to this, coconut sugar also contains several important nutrients and small traces of minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and Potassium.
  • Sugarous Coconut Sugar sachets can be used as a 1:1 replacement for regular table white sugar in your morning tea, evening coffee, juices, spreads, cookies, puddings, etc.
  • Coconut sugar has a Low-glycemic index value of 35 which is almost equal in fruits.
  • Sugarous coconut sugar sachets are available in pack of 50 sachets and 200 sachets pack.
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How do we use coconut sugar sachets?

Simply add one sachet of 3gm to your beverage of choice, whether it be tea, coffee, milk or fruit juices. Mix it up with a spoon, and then take pleasure in your beverage sweetened with natural sugar without having to be concerned about the number of calories it contains.


100% Certified and lab tested Coconut Nectar Sap.

Where coconut sugar is produced?

Our coconut sugar is an India product produced in Tamil Nadu. We promote local products and support our local farmers.

How natural coconut sugar is produced?

There are two main steps involved in the making of natural coconut sugar. The first step is tapping, or collecting the stem from a coconut tree’s blossom bud. After our farmers make an incision in the spadix, the sap starts flowing into the bamboo jars. After collecting the sap, it is then transferred to large storage tanks oe utensils and heated at a moderately high temperature to cause the water in the sap to evaporate. The mixture turns into a syrupy form of the sap when the water evaporates. 

Reviews for Coconut Sugar Sachets(50 Sachets)


19 March 2021


It was by chance that I ordered for this product. I was browsing for some alternative to powdered sugar that I chanced upon this product. Initially I thought it must be palm sugar but it was not. Once I started using this I found it to be refreshingly different especially when it is added to filter coffee. Gives a nice flavour to the taste. Since the packaging is in satchet form even the quantity is regulated. Overall highly satisfied with the product.

11 March 2021

Rajnish Sharma

Tried Sugaracious Coconut sugar for my daily green tea @ office. It’s a healthy sweetener. It’s for everyone looking for healthy alternative to white sugar. Tastes nice. Although, I have to use two sachets for getting decent taste to my liking.

18 February 2021


After using this I've switched from my regular sugar to coconut sugar...... healthy tasty and less expensive ...... thanks for introducing Sacthes they are easy to carry and budget friendly too.

15 September 2022


One of my friend recommended this product and it's realy amazing. Its really helping in my managing my diet and reducing weight

15 March 2021


Initially indecisive to order but after getting the sugar, perhaps the most genuine and well-made coconut sugar I have got.

22 March 2021

Mahendra K Gupta

Sugarous Coconut Sugar Sachets(50 Sachets) is a very good product specially made for travel purposes. Now you can a healthy option in your travel bag and it is easy to use.

22 March 2021


I found Sugarous coconut Sugar sachet Very nice product and very healthy। I ordered this for my parents but I have also started using this for myself। thank you sugarous