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Coconut Sugar Sugarous Organic Coconut Sugar

100% Natural

Coconut sugar

The only place you have to live in forever is your body.
So take a good care of it and eat healthy, stay healthy.

100% Natural

Palm Sugar

Produced from fresh sap obtained from the
inflorescence of palmyrah palm trees.

Handpicked Soft & Juicy Handpicked Soft & Juicy

Handpicked Soft & Juicy

Kimia Dates

Sugarous brings fresh and original dates rich in vitamins and minerals.
Best choice for gifts, festivals and daily consumption.

Sugarous Dried Apricots Sugarous Dried Apricots

Hand Picked Delicious

Dried Apricots

Toss it in your salad or just have it in daily snack.
Sugarous dried apricots are excellent source of fiber and iron.

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Coconut sugar
Advantages of

Coconut Sugar

Most notable health advantage of coconut sugar has over refined white table sugar is that it’s natural and not refined which means coconut sugar retains its vitamins and minerals including vitamins C,B1 B2, B3, and B6, and calcium, potassium, and zinc as well. It’s also considered one of the best natural sweeteners in the world.

Organic Coconut sugar is the best way to maintain your healthy lifestyle by keeping your sugar intake in a controlled manner. Coconut sugar is proven as a low glycemic index food and suitable for all ages people. Buy coconut sugar and start your healthy life now.

Advantages of KIMIA DATES
Advantages of

Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates are generally dark brown and blackish with delicious honey-like taste. These dates fruit is enriched with mineral, fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients elements. Due to the highest moisture content, these dates are very soft, juicy, and just melt in the mouth.

Kimia Dates not only improves the digestive system but also boosts energy and improves skin. They are also good for the nervous system and boost the immunity of the body. Sugarous Kimia Dates are all-time favorite healthy choices for gifts, festivals, and daily consumption.

Dates Powder
Advantages of

Dates Powder

A great source of Calcium, Iron & Vitamins, Date powder is a 100% natural dried sprayed powder of premium Omani dates. Dry dates powder can be used for all ages people and is considered one of the best replacements for white sugar. It can be easily dissolved in milkshakes, porridges, cakes, cookies, halwa, and cookie doughs. Dry Date Powder is very Low in fat, Low Sodium, and Cholesterol-free suitable for babies and elderly people.

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What customer says

We have never gone back to regular sugar ever since we started using this, needs to get used of the taste but it is much healthier than traditional sugar.
Never tried coconut sugar before this but I’m very happy I did - the taste and quality are excellent. I really loved the product.
Does a very good job as a replacement for Sugar. Have been using it for the past 2 years and very happy. I would recommend all to try this product.
I love the flavor of this coconut sugar, slight hit of caramel tastes. It's really good for people who are health conscious.

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