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Introducing Palm Sugar Sachets, First Time In India


Introducing Palm Sugar Sachets, First Time In India

Palm sugar, known for its high nutritional value and exceptional health benefits, has become a popular choice of sugar for people worldwide. As compared to other natural and artificial sweeteners, palm sugar is considered one of the healthiest sugars available in the market. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, palm sugar, has finally found its way to India.
People who are health conscious have been considering the various alternatives available for refined sugar like white “table” sugar and brown sugar for quite some time. The reason for the same is that consumption of refined sugar has been linked to various health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. Palm sugar is considered relatively safer than white ”table” sugar because of its low glycemic index and nutrients. Palm sugar is available in traditional pouches and “sachet” forms. Sachets are more convenient and enviroment firedly for various reasons, discussed in the article.
This article will dive deep into the various advantages of palm sugar sachets and their health benefits and why people are opting for palm sugar in recent years. Read on to know what the benefits of palm sugar are.
Some of the advantages of using palm sugar sachets are as follows:

Palm sugar sachets are affordable.

Palm sugar sachets are more affordable and pocket friendly if you are wanting to switch from white sugar to palm sugar. Palm sugar sachets are cost-effective and one can easily track daily consumption of sugar. It is an excellent choice for first-time users who only want to test the product for a trial period.

Palm sugar sachets are eco-friendly.

The packaging used in palm sugar sachets is of high quality, and they are also environmentally friendly. Companies worldwide like Sugarous are making significant changes in their work policy by pushing for more eco-friendly products. Palm sugar sachet companies are also following suit by using recyclable materials in order to address the issue of climate change. Sachets are ideal packaging solutions as they help reduce carbon footprint.

Palm sugar sachets can be easily transported and stored.

Palm sugar sachets are easy to handle and store due to their compact size and little weight. Each sachet weighs approximately 3gm. They can be easily carried around while traveling. They also do not occupy much space. Expenses related to storing and shipping palm sugar sachets are reduced significantly due to their miniature size and lightweight. Palm sugar sachets are packed extremely tightly; thus, reducing the necessity for additional packaging on the outside.

Palm sugar sachets are cost-effective.

The packaging requires a limited amount of raw material, which results in significant waste reduction. The packaging solution used in sachets helps reduce the company’s overall expenses significantly as the materials used for packaging are minimal. Sachets are cost-effective and help reduce landfill waste. They are a way better alternative as a packaging option when saving the environment. Environmentalists, in particular, prefer sachets because it helps reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. It helps minimize landfill waste.

Extended shelf life

The reason behind the tight packaging of palm sugar sachets is to extend the shelf life of the sugar in general. The customers do not have to worry about resealing the sachet once opened. It is generally believed that the customers will use the entire content within the sachet right away. Sugarous always ensure that the product remains fresh and natural when the customer opens the sachet. Packaging palm sugar in sachets also idle for hotel and restaurants industry.

Palm sugar sachets are convenient.

Palm sugar sachets are convenient and cheap. The packaging does not require the need for loads and loads of materials. The companies can effectively reduce the costs spent on buying materials for packaging. In today’s world, convenience is valued highly, and palm sugar sachets offer the most comfort to their manufacturers and their users. Its preparation saves the manufacturer significant time and effort.

Palm sugar has a low glycemic index.

Palm sugar is preferred mainly because it has a lower glycemic index than white or brown sugar. The glycemic index is the scale that measures how fast a particular food can cause a rise in our blood sugar levels. White sugar has a high glycemic index and a higher fructose and glucose content than palm sugar. Palm sugar has a glycemic index of 35 whereas white sugar has a glycemic index of 68. Palm sugar does not induce an abrupt rise in insulin levels, unlike white sugar. Diabetic patients can substitute white sugar with palm sugar if they crave a sweet tooth, as palm sugar can help keep the blood sugar levels from increasing abruptly.

Palm sugar aids in digestion.

Consuming palm sugar instead of white “table” sugar can be beneficial because palm sugar contains a dietary fiber known as inulin which mainly helps in digestion. The dietary fiber, inulin, enhances both digestion and mineral absorption. It also helps manage the bacteria present in the stomach. Another benefit of palm sugar is that it provides relief from constipation. Consumption of palm sugar after a carb-heavy meal can help your intestines release some enzymes that can ultimately help digest the food.


In general, palm sugar sachets and natural sweeteners are slowly becoming mainstream in India. People have started focusing on their health and diet now more than ever. Palm sugar and other natural sweeteners are the perfect replacement for the harmful refined sugar found in all of our homes. Their low glycemic index indicates that they do not cause blood sugar levels to rise abruptly, unlike white sugar. Palm sugar sachets have become a popular choice of sugar due to their numerous health benefits.
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Why is White Sugar harmful? What are the best alternatives?


Why is White Sugar harmful? What are the best alternatives?

White sugar, or should we say “sugar” in general, is linked to various health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, and even cancer. Decreased sugar intake can help prevent the chances of encountering such health problems and results in a better quality of life. 
As more and more research on white sugar and its negative health impacts comes to light, people have become highly cautious with the increased sugar intake in their diet. Some people have entirely removed sugar from their diet to reduce significant health risks associated with sugar intake. 
Unfortunately, some people mistakenly believe that all sugars are harmful to your health, but it cannot be further from the truth as not all sugars are harmful to your health. The sugar in fruits and vegetables is natural and poses little to no health risk. The sugar that poses the most threat is white sugar or refined sugar. White sugar is prepared using additives and chemicals. It is not extracted in its purest form. It has to undergo an extensive refining process which is why it has a lot of calories. High carb count and less nutrition make white sugar an unpopular ingredient in the food.
Here are some of the reasons why white sugar is considered harmful. 

1. White sugar consumption causes uncontrolled changes in blood sugar levels. 

White sugar consumption drastically affects our blood sugar levels by causing a rapid spike in blood glucose levels in the body. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause exhaustion, mood swings, and even depression. Blood sugar levels rise and fall as a result of white sugar consumption. It also causes more sugar cravings and extra hunger due to the high amounts of carbohydrates present in white sugar. People who restrict sugar intake in their diet report having fewer sugar cravings and also feel more emotionally stable and motivated. 

2. White sugar causes insulin resistance.  

White sugar consumption can lead to weight gain due to the high calories present in white sugar. Aside from weight gain, it also causes insulin resistance. Insulin is secreted by our body to regulate the blood sugar levels inside the body. When blood sugar levels become too high, our pancreas goes into overdrive by pumping more and more insulin into the body to regulate the increasing blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar level ultimately leads to our body developing insulin resistance. When our body resists insulin, our blood sugar levels stop being regulated effectively. Insulin resistance, in turn, contributes to diabetes. 

3. White sugar leads to many diseases. 

White sugar contains higher amounts of fructose and glucose than natural sugars. The liver does not easily break down fructose. The liver is the organ responsible for breaking down fructose. The liver breaks down fructose into triglycerides (fat), which can amass over time unless you burn the fat out regularly. The accumulated fat can lead to various diseases and health issues like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. Obesity has become a significant health issue in recent years, and white sugar contributes to this problem significantly. Obesity is linked with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cholesterol. It is essential to restrict white sugar intake to prevent such problems. 

4. White sugar consumption is linked to cancer. 

Cancer is a debilitating disease that can break you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Various studies suggest a link between foods with a high glycemic index and cancer. White sugar has a high glycemic index, which is linked to cancer. High sugar intake can lead to cancer of various types like breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. Since white sugar is a critical ingredient in lots of processed food, it can be hard to avoid it altogether. Eating foods with a high quantity of sugar contributes to the problem of obesity. Eating unprocessed food or minimally processed foods reduces the risk of cancer significantly. 

5. White sugar can be addictive. 

Yes, it may not seem like a big deal, but sugar can be highly addictive. People who tried to cut out sugar entirely from their diet can attest to this. When you abruptly cut out sugar from your diet, you begin to have excess cravings. Not only this, but you may observe some withdrawal symptoms as well. The sweet taste buds trigger dopamine release, which is why we experience pleasure in eating sweet food. The release of dopamine (the pleasure hormone) is what contributes to our cravings for sugar now and then. It is as addicting as drugs and cigarettes. 

6. Excess white sugar consumption can affect your mental health.

Studies have shown a link between excess white sugar consumption and depression. It is also known to drain energy from the body, making you look exhausted and irritable. Constant mood swings are also observed in people who indulge in white sugar consumption. Sugar consumption triggers the release of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) which is why we love to indulge in it in the first place. When the dopamine effect wears off, people end up in the vicious cycle of binging and craving until they become massively heavy. White sugar consumption is linked with high amounts of stress as well. It is overall bad for your mental health. 
Sugar can be pretty addictive. It can be challenging for someone who has a sweet tooth to avoid sugar and cut it out entirely from their diet, as sugar is present in almost all foods we eat. Even if they succeed in avoiding sugar for some time, it will only be a matter of time before they crave something sweet. 
Luckily, it is possible to give in to that craving once in a while without dealing with any substantial health risk as there is a wide range of natural and artificial “white sugar” alternatives or sugar sweeteners available on the market. Not only do they help cut down white sugar intake, but they are also considered a better alternative for white sugar. 
Some of the best alternatives to white sugar are: 

1. Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar, also known as coconut palm sugar, is considered a better alternative to white sugar due to several reasons. Coconut palm sugar is extracted from the sap of the coconut palm rather than the coconut itself. People who are health conscious opt for coconut sugar instead of white sugar because of its low glycemic index and low fructose. 

Glycemic Index (GI) indicates the number of carbohydrates present in food. Consuming high in glycemic index can drastically increase blood sugar levels and increase the chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. The glycemic index count of coconut sugar is relatively lower than the glycemic index count of white sugar. Coconut sugar prevents low blood sugar. 

Coconut sugar also has a lower amount of fructose present in it as compared to white sugar. Fructose, which is converted into triglycerides (fats) upon breakdown, is not easily broken down by the liver. Coconut sugar contains a higher amount of sucrose than fructose. People choose to buy coconut sugar because it is packed with iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc. Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener. Unlike white sugar, it does not have to go through an extensive refining process. 

2. Palm Sugar 

Palm sugar is another great alternative to white sugar. People often think that palm sugar and coconut sugar are the same as coconut sugar is sometimes called coconut palm sugar. The two sugars are not the same. Coconut sugar is extracted from coconut palm tree’s sap, whereas palm sugar is derived from the trunks of the coconut palm tree. Their flavors also differ, with coconut sugar offering a butterscotch caramel taste and palm sugar offering a caramel taste with smoky overtones.

Buy palm sugar if you want to keep the glycemic index of your food low, as palm sugar is not only low in the glycemic index but is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural alternative to sugar. It is less sweet than white sugar as it contains some nutrients, whereas white sugar is entirely devoid of nutrients. Palm sugar does not undergo an extensive refining process, unlike white sugar. It is, however, more expensive than white sugar as the preparation of palm sugar is rather labor-intensive. Those who are health-conscious should substitute white sugar with palm sugar due to its nutritional content. 


3. Honey

Honey and white sugar can both add some sweetness to your food and drinks. Their nutritional value differs as well. Honey is an excellent substitute for white sugar due to the numerous health benefits honey offers. Instead of white sugar, honey does not undergo an extensive refining process like white sugar. It is prepared through pasteurization. People can use honey instead of white sugar in their milk to reap the health benefits of honey. 
People who cut out sugar from their diet only need a tinge of honey in their food or milk to get the same jolt of sweetness that white sugar offers. However, it should be noted that consuming excess honey can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, etc. People diagnosed with diabetes can opt for honey as a sugar substitute, but they should be cautious and use it in moderation only. 
Honey has a higher content of fructose than glucose, which contributes to its delicate taste and sweetness. Using honey as the secret sugar substitute in food can enhance the overall taste of the food. It possesses antibacterial characteristics, which may aid in the killing of pathogens.

4. Dates Powder 

Dates powder, or date sugar, is another excellent alternative to white sugar or refined sugar that you can use in your food. They are natural sweeteners that are entirely loaded with essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, etc. When you substitute white sugar with dry dates powder, you satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy numerous health benefits associated with it. 

Dry dates powder contains a higher antioxidant content than any other natural sugar present in the market. Along with having antioxidant properties, it also boosts immunity. The sugar present in dry dates powder is exceptionally healthy. The natural sugar present in dry dates powder is complex carbohydrates that help keep excess hunger at bay. It fights off severe fatigue and instead keeps you energized all day. It can also relieve constipation. It is also highly effective in regulating blood sugar levels. 

Dates powder has a caramel-like taste which is why it can be used instead of white sugar. They are jam-packed with fibers, nutrients, and antioxidants. Due to these properties, dry dates are considered a better alternative to white sugar. They are high in calories, though, which is why they should be consumed at moderate levels. 


This article discussed the adverse health effects of consuming refined sugar like white sugar. White sugar consumption can lead to various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, tooth decay, etc. Some studies have also found a link between depression and high amounts of white sugar consumption. People are replacing white sugar with natural sugar or sweeteners rather than cutting sugar altogether from their diet. There is a misconception that all sugars are harmful to your health. It should be emphasized that only refined sugar fits the bill for harmful sugar. Natural sugar has no damaging effects on health whatsoever as it is not refined with chemicals, unlike white sugar. 

People who follow a strict diet or plan to lose weight often commit to “no sugar” and food with a low glycemic index. Following a strict diet plan can be hard to commit to at first but not impossible. Replacing refined sugar with natural sweeteners is a way better alternative for your health than giving in to refined sugar cravings. The positive health effects experienced by people who consume natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars are countless. It is good not only for your physical health but also for your mental health and overall well-being. 
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Introducing Coconut Sugar Sachets, First Time In India


Introducing Coconut Sugar Sachets, First Time In India

Coconut sugar, which tastes like sweet caramel and looks like honey, has quickly become a popular choice of natural sweetener in India. People who are health conscious and have switched to natural sweeteners can’t stop raving about it. The reason people can’t stop raving about it is the numerous health benefits it offers to its customers.
White sugar, which is the most commonly found sugar in homes across India, is refined sugar that poses a lot of danger to people’s general well-being and health. As more and more people become aware of the health issues caused by white sugar, the more quickly they are making the switch to natural sweeteners like coconut sugar.
In this article, we will dive deep into the numerous advantages of coconut sugar and its health benefits and why most people prefer coconut sugar sachets over traditional coconut sugar packaging solutions.

Advantages of Coconut Sugar Sachets

Some of the advantages of buying coconut sugar sachets are as follows:

Easy to carry while traveling

Coconut sugar sachets are convenient as they can be carried around easily while traveling. Coconut sugar sachets are available in 50 to 200 sachets. Each sachet weighs approximately 3gm. You can take them wherever you want without having to worry about their weight or size. The packaging of coconut sugar sachets ensures that the product remains fresh and does not get spoiled by varying temperatures. In other words, the sachet enhances the shelf life of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar sachets are compact, cost-effective, simple, and cheap to distribute.

Easy to keep track of daily sugar intake.

Coconut sugar sachets are preferred because it helps keep track of daily sugar intake. The user does not have to go through the tedious process of measuring the sugar being mixed in the drink. The users only have to open the sachet and empty it in their drink. It also helps keep track of how much sugar they are consuming. Coconut sugar sachets are ideal for first-time users to test the product. They provide significant cost reductions, particularly for people who just want to test it or use it for a trial period.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Another benefit of using coconut sugar sachets is that it reduces waste significantly. Coconut sugar sachets are packed in environmentally friendly, high-quality papers. The coconut sugar sachet companies have switched to recyclable materials in recent years to save the environment from further degradation. The use of eco-friendly packaging helps reduce landfill waste significantly. The companies ensure high-quality packaging. No additives or chemicals are used in the packaging. The product remains fresh and natural when the users buy it.

They are convenient.

As mentioned previously, the coconut sugar sachet companies use high-quality material for the packaging. Coconut sugar sachets are convenient because they do not take up much space and can be stored easily. One coconut sugar sachet contains well-planned proportions for one individual customer,, which the user can use right away as they open the sachet. Every coconut sugar sachet contains at least one spoon of sugar inside it. The risk of spilling the contents is reduced as the sachets can be handled more easily.

Keeps the product fresh

The packaging of the sachets is done using a wide range of materials such as high-quality paper and aluminum foil. These materials are used to prevent the contents from getting spoiled—the companies making the coconut sugar sachet maintain high quality in the packaging of coconut sugar sachets. The specific packaging extends the shelf life of the coconut sugar inside the sachet so that when the sachet is opened, the consumers will use it in their drinks and food instantly.

It is unrefined and aids in digestion.

Coconut sugar, which is prepared from the sap of the coconut palm trees and has a sweet caramel-like flavor, is healthier than white or brown sugar because it undergoes little to no processing. It contains essential nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals that enhance health. No chemicals or additives are mixed. Coconut sugar can also help make digestion easier as it contains a dietary fiber known as inulin, which manages the bacteria present in our gut and enhances digestion and mineral absorption in the body.

It regulates blood sugar levels.

Coconut sugar can help regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can replace their ordinary table sugar with coconut sugar if they wish to indulge in something sweet. Coconut sugar, unlike white sugar, keeps blood sugar levels under control. Rather it can stabilize our blood sugar levels, and as a byproduct, the heart experiences less stress. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, which means that it is less likely to increase blood sugar levels abruptly. On the other hand, white sugar has an extremely high glycemic index, which is why it abruptly causes our blood sugar levels to increase.

It can boost energy levels.

Coconut sugar can boost our energy levels. Coconut sugar undergoes breakdown and absorption rather quickly in the body. As soon as the sugar comes in contact with our tongue, the digestion process becomes active. Consumption of coconut sugar can instantly boost energy levels by creating an enhanced and peaceful state of mind. People who crave a sweet tooth occasionally can switch to coconut sugar to make healthy diet choices. Mixing coconut sugar in your tea in the mornings can certainly help get you energized and ready for the day.


Coconut sugar sachets have quickly become a popular choice of natural sweetener in our country. It is preferred by most people due to its numerous health benefits as well as decreased risk of health issues. People who are health conscious are switching from white table sugar to coconut sugar because of its low glycemic index and low fructose and glucose contents. Coconut sugar sachets, in particular, are selling out more than traditional plastic bottles and other packaging solutions due to the extreme convenience and cost-effectiveness sachets offer to their customers and manufacturers.
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Is Consuming Brown Sugar Better than White Sugar?

Is Consuming Brown Sugar Better than White Sugar?

Lets understand the basics

We have been mentally made to believe that brown as compare to white is healthy & better. It applies in every case, whether we talk about brown bread or brown rice. Similarly this applies to sugar also.
But the question arises- is really a Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar or it’s just a myth or smart marketing gimmick.
Healthy life follows healthy eating. And if a person is health conscious or looking forward to follow healthy routine, the first thing in mind will come to follow the strict healthy diet. Everything you buy, you will look at the health benefits on the packet. Even if you plan to eat outside, the eating portion will be measured back in your mind. And while giving away your taste buds, the sugar will always be on the top list. This results your switch from refined White Sugar to Brown Sugar.
There are lot of theories written on consumption of sugar, that how consuming white sugar on regular basis will result in adverse effect on human body. So the question is about- is there actually a difference between White Sugar and Brown Sugar?
As per studies, white sugar adds the fat content in the body because it is purely carbohydrate which may results in health problems. Whereas, Brown Sugar has around 0.25 less calories per gram and has more liquid as compare to White Sugar. There is only a color difference in these two, as molasses (Brown sugary syrup) added to it. Brown Sugar contains molasses, only because of that it contains slightly more minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium & iron than White Sugar. Other than that, Brown Sugar has no such great nutrition over White Sugar. It has 95% sucrose and 5% molasses, which just adds a flavor and the color of the sugar but doesn’t add any nutritional benefits. Brown Sugar has the same health risk factor like white sugar. So, both type of sugar is non recommendable for diabetic patient neither any of these helps to reduce weight.
Cons of white sugar

Brown Sugar Vs White Sugar

Here are some basic points, which one should know about these two types of sugar. As said by an expert nutrition both type of sugar white and brown are similar in nature. They have same nutrition value and add same amount of calories. The only differences are color, texture and their flavor. Also the making process is slightly different. The brown sugar goes with lesser chemical process while making as compare to white sugar.
It is a misconception that consuming Brown Sugar in any form will make no harm in the body. Although both type of sugar go through with different making process. But adding White Sugar or Brown Sugar in any of the recipe will add same amount of calories.
Majorly, the raw sugar is harvested by hand which found in fibres, before sending to the mill for production process. And surprisingly, the sugar can make it different and can produce various varieties. Contrary to the myth, Brown Sugar and White Sugar are same and only become different on one ingredient during the process in the factory. During the production process, all molasses has to be separated and removed for White Sugar and Brown Sugar is basically white or unprocessed sugar that does contain molasses which make its color, brown. Apart from that there is no much difference in terms of nutrition. Additionally, sulphur is used to remove impurities from the White Sugar which is very hazardous for human health.

Interestingly, there are various types of Brown Sugar is available in the market such as ‘Unrefined Sugar’, which has slightly large crystals as compare to White Sugar and it has light golden color. It is the ideal choice of most of the people because it doesn’t have any chemicals and tastes so much like honey. Secondly ‘Demerara Sugar’, which is available in light brown color and majorly used in baking purpose. It is partially processed sugar and tastes like caramel. Thirdly ‘Dark Brown Sugar’, which has extra flavor and amazing, taste perfect for sweet dishes.

One can easily make Brown Sugar at home and can store it in air tight container. Just have to add one tablespoon of molasses in one cup of white sugar. Stir it together till it covers the white crystals with molasses and results in brown color.
As said by the United States Department of Agriculture, Brown Sugar contains approx 17 kilocalories per teaspoon, and White Sugar contains 16 kilocalories per teaspoon. It’s just because of the molasses, Brown Sugar does contain some minerals in very less amount which does not make much difference in these two.
Ultimately, the entire debate of Brown Sugar being good for health than White Sugar is just a gimmick because the minerals which Brown Sugar contains are present in such minuscule amount, that it hardly makes any difference in these two. Also there are no real health benefits of consuming Brown Sugar in your diet. The actual difference is just taste and color.
Why coconut sugar?

Alternatives of unrefined sugar

If you are really looking for healthier substitute for sugar, there are so many natural sweeteners are available in the market. Out of all, Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar and Dates Sugar are counted as best suitable sugar substitutes for human health. These natural sweeteners contain many more nutrition, vitamins and minerals as compared to refined sugar which helps to improve metabolism and gives the strength to fight against health issues. Like other natural sweeteners Coconut Sugar has incredible health benefits as it is great source of iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Similarly Palm sugar maintains electrolyte balance in human body and boost energy level. Talking about Dates Sugar, they are available in various different varieties, in different color, texture and taste. It counts as one of the most delicious and healthy combination. Beside taste, it has several nutrients which can be treated for health benefits.
So in all, it’s always a best option to consume natural sweeteners as compare to refined sugar. You can also consult your dietitian or health expert for more advices.
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Difference in Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar


Difference in Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar

Sweetness always plays a special role in our life. Usually our meals doesn’t complete without having a sweet dish at the end. But it is also true that, high amount of sugar intake in the body will lead to many health problems. So, to keep your sweet tooth alive, there are various best sugar substitutes or called as natural sweeteners are available in the market, which are being used in place of refined sugar. The difference is natural sugars are extracted from plants/ honey/ fruits etc whereas refined Sugar is made in laboratories with many synthetics or natural substances. It has proven that, daily usage of natural sweeteners is the healthiest way to keep fit in today’s time.
Coconut Sugar
Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar are the two distinct types of natural sweeteners which are obtained in two different ways from different plants. These are the best sugar substitutes easily available in the market. The confusion arises, when coconut sugar is also called as coconut palm sugar. Palm Sugar is collected from the trunks of palm trees whereas coconut sugar is harvested from the blossom of coconut trees. It’s very clear that these products are different with different harvesting methods. While buying these sugar, it is advisable to check the ingredient on the packet and don’t only go with the title, as sometimes in many places, the names are often been used interchangeably.

Now question arises that are these healthiest sugar substitutes are different in taste also? The answer is ‘Yes’. The Coconut Sugar has a taste like butterscotch caramel similar to that of brown sugar whereas, the Palm Sugar is basically comes with a smokier taste. Out of two, Palm sugar is most fragrant. Also there is difference between the Indonesian Palm Sugar which is darker in color and the Indian version has strong flavor. One should keep in mind while purchasing the product from market.

Palm Sugar contains a substantial amount of sweetness and also considered more sweet in comparison to coconut sugar. It is appropriate and adds perfect flavors in traditional desserts where you require more intense fragrance and strong flavor in the dish. Talking about coconut sugar, since it has more caramel flavor it is best for the baked dishes like cookies, cakes etc., also can be used for coffee or tea to add natural sweetness to it. These sugars have certain mild taste so one might have to add more of it in the dish to match the sweetness level. This will give you some delicious flavor of it.


Health benefits

Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar have various health benefits and also considered as best sugar substitutes in India. As compare to other sugars, coconut Sugar is rich in iron, zinc, and calcium. It contains over 16 amino acids and 4 different B Vitamins. It has rich in glutamine which is good for digestion and support metabolic function. It is purely organic as its making process doesn’t require any additives, colors and chemicals. It tastes quite similar to the brown sugar and also caramelizes too nicely in the dish.

Talking about Palm Sugar and unrefined sugar, rich in vitamins & minerals like potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese and copper; small amounts of phytonutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanidin; and antioxidants. Rich in vitamins B, especially inositol (Vit8) which is required for formation of healthy cells in the body, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and choline. It contains all the same 16 amino acids present in the sap from which it is developed. Amino acid helps to build blocks of proteins in the human body and is needed for cell growth and its repair.

Palm sugar is gaining popularity and one of the major reasons is because it has low glycemic index, a great method of measuring how blood glucose level is getting impacted by carbohydrates.


Both Palm Sugar & Coconut Sugar are healthiest sugar substitute. They contains rich amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Especially in current scenario, when people are focusing on their diet and trying to follow healthy routine; replacing your refined sugar from sugar substitutes or natural sweeteners is the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Above two sweeteners are best sugar substitute available in the market which one can add in any dish to enhance its flavor and taste.
Sugarous is India’s own local brand that has best quality coconut sugar and palm sugar manufactured in Tamil Nadu, India. Sugarous coconut sugar is India’s top 5 branded coconut sugar and gaining it’s popularity day by day.
If you are looking to buy a packet for yourself or for your family members than you purchase it from sugarous website or from amazon and flipkart.
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Top 5 Natural Sweeteners Trending in India

Top 5 natural sweeteners trending in India

The sense of taste gives information about the food quality and its nature, and of all the basic taste qualities, sweetness is the most universally liked.
Humans have sweet tooth and the word is “sugar” which fulfill that craving.
If you’ve ever speculated, if natural sweeteners are better than other forms of sugar, the answer is absolutely ‘YES’.
Well Said- Tough times don’t last, tough people, do!
During this tough phase of COVID, people have already altered their physical activity which has gradually increased daily intake of food while sitting at home. On the other hand, most of the people are taking conscious efforts to reduce oily food in diet but Sugar is the main element that we all are overlooking and neglecting.
Also now that, many people have devoted this time in baking while at home. Now here sugar is again an element which has been overused profoundly.
However, it’s yet not too late to get things in order.
That is why practicing Sugar-Distancing along with Social-Distancing is very important.
There are many source of natural sweeteners named as Honey, Dates, Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar, Jaggery, Maple Syrup, Molasses, Agave Nectar, Chicory Root Fibers, Monk Fruit, Stevia etc.
Below are some Top 5 natural sweeteners in India-
top 5 natural sweeteners in india

1. Honey

It is the only insect created food (liquid) with therapeutic, medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic value. It is the natural sweetener for healthy immunity system. Bees produces Honey from the nectar of flowers. Its sweetness comes from monosachrides fructose and glucose. Honey is rich in Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Calcium, Copper & Iron which help to fight with various health problems like Insomnia, Indigestion, Coughs, Cold, Headache, Anemia etc. It has countless medicinal properties which helps to fight against infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.
buy organic coconut sugar

2. Coconut Sugar

It is known with various names as coco sugar, coconut palm sugar, coco sap sugar or coconut blossom sugar.

Coconut sugar is the crystallized nectar of the coconut tree blossom, further made by boiling the flower’s sap till it gets thickens & solidifies. It is mainly composed of sucrose (around 70%) followed by glucose and fructose. It has been used as a natural sweetener in South-East Asia for centuries, particularly in the Philippines and Indonesia, and now it is one of the top 5 natural sweeteners in India.

One can use coconut sugar the same way as the regular sugar by adding it in your tea or coffee or baking and cooking.
Coconut Sugar has incredible health benefits. It contains over 16 amino acids out of 20 and four different B Vitamins. It has great source of iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. The GI index value of coconut is only 30-35, which is considered very low in comparison of white table sugar. Due to the low GI value of coconut sugar, it helps to regulate the sugar level in the body and satisfy the sweet tooth without compromising the health.

buy organic coconut sugar

3. Stevia

An herb, which is been introduced in India as one of the flavor enhancer and sweetener in food and beverages as a substitute of sugar. A white powder which is extracted from the dry stevia shrub leaves is almost 200-300 times sweeter than sugar.
It is one of the 100% natural sweetener which has zero calorie without any side effects. It is way better than regular sugar. In the current scenario replacing sugar with Stevia will help to decrease risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Since stevia has no fermented carbohydrates which will not harm dental health and thus it does not cause tooth decay.

4. Palm Sugar

As the name says Palm Sugar, comes from the palm trees. This natural sweetener is made from sap which is collected by making slits from the palm tree stem. Sap which was collected is then boiled until it gets thickened. The almost similar sweetener can be made from coconut palms also which is named as Coconut palm sugar. The only difference is, coconut palm sugar is obtained from the flower buds of the coconut palm whereas the Palm Sugar is obtained directly from the tree itself.

It is considered as one of the healthier alternative in all other sweeteners as its production involves less processing with no chemicals. Contains high level of plant based vitamins and minerals.
Since it is a good source of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, Iron and copper, it has amazing health benefits. It maintains electrolyte balance in the body further promotes musculoskeletal health. Regular use of palm sugar will boost energy level and will increase metabolism.
It is rich flavor and can be used in all the traditional sweet recipes that call for white sugar. Additionally it is used for remedies like herbal ginger tea which helps to improve digestion.

5. Jaggery

It is also known as Gur, made by boiling concentrated and raw sugarcane juice. It helps to improve metabolism & purifies blood. Jaggery is widely used in various food products in the form of sweetener. It is healthier as compared to refined sugar as it is rich in minerals & phytochemicals.

Jaggery is rich in iron and minerals which helps in the prevention of anemia and helps body to fight against infections. It is also proven that jaggery is highly beneficial for beauty treatment. Smooth functioning of digestive system in the body will reflect after the regular use of jaggery.

It also has some side effects if consuming jaggery in the high amount for longer duration. It may lead to weight gain and sugar level in the body.


It is always a healthier option to intake Natural Sweeteners in your diet. It is surely an attractive alternative of sugar because they virtually add less calories to your diet. Also, one needs only a fraction of natural sweetener as compared with the amount of sugar which we normally use for sweetness.
Health concerns over the consumption of refined sugar has increased day by day and our focus is to aware and provide natural sweeteners to every corner.
Sugarous is one of the best food product company in India known for it’s 100% natural and pure organic products like Coconut sugar, Palm Sugar, Dates Powder, Jaggery Powder, etc.
Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!
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Coconut Sugar – A Best Natural Sweetener

Coconut Sugar – A Best Natural Sweetener

Coconut sugar or commonly known as coconut palm sugar has been in use traditionally for edges in South-East Asia for cooking, baking and blending with beverages. Coconut sugar origins from golden coconut palm flower nectar that is drawn from the flower buds of the coconut palm and further processed without any use of artificial ingredient in its production, which in turn results into a high purity of natural sweetener. It is also proven by lot of health experts that coconut sugar is one of the best alternative of white table sugar and helps to keep your sweet cravings balanced.

best coconut sugar

Nutrient’s rich sweetener

Organic coconut sugar or commonly known as coconut palm sugar has been in use traditionally for edges in South-East Asia for cooking, baking and blending with beverages. Coconut sugar origins from golden coconut palm flower nectar that is drawn from the flower buds of the coconut palm and further processed without any use of artificial ingredient in its production, which in turn results into a high purity of natural sweetener. According to the Philippine department of agriculture, coconut sugar contains several essential nutrients. Most notably the minerals irons, calcium, zinc and potassium but these nutrients are in trace amounts, so one would need to eat cups of coconut sugar just to get a noticeable difference. It would be advisable to consume coconut sugar in a balanced way similary like in case of white sugar.

Ranks Low Glycemic Index

First of all, the glycemic index (GI) is the measurement of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels after having food. High GI foods are quickly digested and absorbed by the body which certainly cause powerful spikes in blood sugar. On the other side, Low-GI foods are absorbed quite slowly, saving health damaging insulin spike and hence produce lower and slower rise of the blood sugar, that have proven benefits for health.

The GI value of coconut sugar is 35. Comparatively, table sugar’s glycemic index ranges from 60 to 75. The most commonly used sweetener that is high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods in the USA, has GI index of 75. Other famously used natural sweetener, maple syrup has a GI of around 54. The GI of coconut sugar is lower than these other sweeteners and proving it a healthier option.
coconut sugar
natural sweetener

Highly Sustainable

“The most sustainable sugar on the planet”. According to ‘The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the World Bank’, coconut sugar is the only most sustainable sweetener around the world because coconut palm trees can produce more sugar when compared to sugar cane, approx 50-75% more per acre, and requires less soil nutrients and water in its process. Single coconut tree can be tapped restlessly for the coming 2 decades and more than this it can survive in damaged soil and certainly restore it.
There are some environmental problems with sugar cane production which may not present with coconut sugar production, wherein the tree can keep producing the sap year after year. As per the industry websites, less water is used in the production of coconut sugar, and coconut palms can grow in very poor soil, such as sandy beaches. Hence coconut palm trees not just give us healthy sweetener but it also benefited for the ecology of the environment.
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Ways to Bake With Coconut Sugar

Ways to Bake With Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has a lower rank of glycemic index than regular sugar and it is proven as one of the most nutritious sugar. Try using coconut sugar when feels to make healthier sweet treats such as coconut milk masal chai, breakfast muffins, quinoa cookies and many more.

The most wonderful thing about experimenting with natural sugar is the quality to amplify the flavors in the recipe. The reason coconut sugar has a darker flavor, it works wonders in baking recipes using chocolate and other spices. Coconut sugar has a very good tendency to be stirred nicely into tea or coffee, can be used to sprinkle on top of pancakes or waffles, also used to animate up tangy recipes like curries, chicken or more. Following are a few cheer up ways to use coconut sugar in your kitchen this time:

1. Coconut Milk Masala Chai

Making your own chai mixture at home is a favorite in our house because you can completely customize which spices you’d like to feature. Mixing it up with a little coconut milk and coconut sugar amplifies the darker flavors and makes for a soothing, satisfying break to the day.

2. Chocolate chunk quinoa cookies

Keeping Healthy and Getting Stylish is the theme of this era. It’s not possible to stop at Chocolate chunk quinoa cookies. But it can be made healthier by using coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Go for it now.

3. Coconut Soup with Bok Choy

This nourishing soup sounds amazingly healthy and fresh. At the same time it can be comforting and satisfying to release your tiredness. Boasting baby bok choy with some marinated mushrooms and other spices, and of course a little coconut sugar is used with coconut milk to boost the taste of sweetness.

4. Brownies with Zero flour

Mommies recipes always add magic to taste and life. With just few all time available ingredients, these luxurious chocolate brownies are the ideal easy dessert and are also a delicious afternoon treat with tea or coffee.

5. Red Velvet Cupcakes

First choice of kids. Whole grain flour, coconut sugar when beaten combined makes the cupcakes healthy and delicious vegan cupcakes.

6. Rum-Kissed Coconut Granola

A connoisseur. There are several ways to sweeten granola. People use honey or maple syrup to enhance it sweetness. But if you are seeking to try something new and healthy, coconut sugar intensify a layer of perfect caramelly, nutty flavor which works appealingly in most granola, muesli recipes and others.
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Advantages of Palm Sugar


Minerals that are essential for the normal and healthy functioning of the human body and Palm sugar is said to be the storehouse of minerals. Palm sugar is a healthy alternative to regular white cane sugar because it does not pass through any chemical process and retains most of its nutritional benefits too. Not only this, but Palm sugar is also rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, protein and many more. Palm sugar contains 60 times more nutrients than any other sugar that is commonly bought from the market. It is also rich in iron, magnesium which is again an important ingredient for good health in hemoglobin and proper functioning of human nervous system respectively.

There are some amazing health benefits of palm sugar-

Boost Immunity:

Because the palm sugar is full of antioxidants, its consumption helps in improving our immunity and it prevents free radicals that is the another reason for skin ageing too as it helps in purifying the blood.

Proper Digestion:

Palm sugar aids the digestive system in digesting the food properly. Palm sugar can be consumed with or after heavy meals and supper, it also helps in clearing out the intestinal tracts and develops enzymes to help in the process of digestion of basically undigested food.

Electrolyte Balance:

Palm sugar cures in dehydration and aids in maintaining the electrolyte balance within the cells of the body.

Keeps You Energetic:

As Palm sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B, iron and calcium, it works as a powerful energy booster for both children and adults and keeps us energized.

Common Ailments:

Palm sugar is highly used in the remedies of treating cough and cold. It can be added to sweetened the ginger tea because it is a very good remedy for common colds. Since it is rich in magnesium, it also works a soothing effect on our nervous system.