Sweetness always plays a special role in our life. Usually our meals doesn’t complete without having a sweet dish at the end. But it is also true that, high amount of sugar intake in the body will lead to many health problems. So, to keep your sweet tooth alive, there are various best sugar substitutes or called as natural sweeteners are available in the market, which are being used in place of refined sugar. The difference is natural sugars are extracted from plants/ honey/ fruits etc whereas refined Sugar is made in laboratories with many synthetics or natural substances. It has proven that, daily usage of natural sweeteners is the healthiest way to keep fit in today’s time.

Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar are the two distinct types of natural sweeteners which are obtained in two different ways from different plants. These are the best sugar substitutes easily available in the market. The confusion arises, when coconut sugar is also called as coconut palm sugar. Palm Sugar is collected from the trunks of palm trees whereas coconut sugar is harvested from the blossom of coconut trees. It’s very clear that these products are different with different harvesting methods. While buying these sugar, it is advisable to check the ingredient on the packet and don’t only go with the title, as sometimes in many places, the names are often been used interchangeably.

Now question arises that are these healthiest sugar substitutes are different in taste also? The answer is ‘Yes’. The Coconut Sugar has a taste like butterscotch caramel similar to that of brown sugar whereas, the Palm Sugar is basically comes with a smokier taste. Out of two, Palm sugar is most fragrant. Also there is difference between the Indonesian Palm Sugar which is darker in color and the Indian version has strong flavor. One should keep in mind while purchasing the product from market.

Palm Sugar contains a substantial amount of sweetness and also considered more sweet in comparison to coconut sugar. It is appropriate and adds perfect flavors in traditional desserts where you require more intense fragrance and strong flavor in the dish. Talking about coconut sugar, since it has more caramel flavor it is best for the baked dishes like cookies, cakes etc., also can be used for coffee or tea to add natural sweetness to it. These sugars have certain mild taste so one might have to add more of it in the dish to match the sweetness level. This will give you some delicious flavor of it.

Health benefits

Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar have various health benefits and also considered as best sugar substitutes in India. As compare to other sugars, coconut Sugar is rich in iron, zinc, and calcium. It contains over 16 amino acids and 4 different B Vitamins. It has rich in glutamine which is good for digestion and support metabolic function. It is purely organic as its making process doesn’t require any additives, colors and chemicals. It tastes quite similar to the brown sugar and also caramelizes too nicely in the dish.

Talking about Palm Sugar and unrefined sugar, rich in vitamins & minerals like potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese and copper; small amounts of phytonutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanidin; and antioxidants. Rich in vitamins B, especially inositol (Vit8) which is required for formation of healthy cells in the body, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and choline. It contains all the same 16 amino acids present in the sap from which it is developed. Amino acid helps to build blocks of proteins in the human body and is needed for cell growth and its repair.

Palm sugar is gaining popularity and one of the major reasons is because it has low glycemic index, a great method of measuring how blood glucose level is getting impacted by carbohydrates.


Both Palm Sugar & Coconut Sugar are healthiest sugar substitute. They contains rich amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Especially in current scenario, when people are focusing on their diet and trying to follow healthy routine; replacing your refined sugar from sugar substitutes or natural sweeteners is the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Above two sweeteners are best sugar substitute available in the market which one can add in any dish to enhance its flavor and taste.

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