Introducing Palm Sugar Sachets, First Time In India

Palm sugar, known for its high nutritional value and exceptional health benefits, has become a popular choice of sugar for people worldwide. As compared to other natural and artificial sweeteners, palm sugar is considered one of the healthiest sugars available in the market. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, palm sugar, has finally found its way to India.

People who are health conscious have been considering the various alternatives available for refined sugar like white “table” sugar and brown sugar for quite some time. The reason for the same is that consumption of refined sugar has been linked to various health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. Palm sugar is considered relatively safer than white ”table” sugar because of its low glycemic index and nutrients. Palm sugar is available in traditional pouches and “sachet” forms. Sachets are more convenient and enviroment firedly for various reasons, discussed in the article.

This article will dive deep into the various advantages of palm sugar sachets and their health benefits and why people are opting for palm sugar in recent years. Read on to know what the benefits of palm sugar are. Some of the advantages of using palm sugar sachets are as follows:

Introducing Palm Sugar Sachets, First Time In India

Palm sugar sachets are more affordable and pocket friendly if you are wanting to switch from white sugar to palm sugar. Palm sugar sachets are cost-effective and one can easily track daily consumption of sugar. It is an excellent choice for first-time users who only want to test the product for a trial period.

Palm sugar sachets are eco-friendly.

The packaging used in palm sugar sachets is of high quality, and they are also environmentally friendly. Companies worldwide like Sugarous are making significant changes in their work policy by pushing for more eco-friendly products. Palm sugar sachet companies are also following suit by using recyclable materials in order to address the issue of climate change. Sachets are ideal packaging solutions as they help reduce carbon footprint.

Palm sugar sachets can be easily transported and stored.

Palm sugar sachets are easy to handle and store due to their compact size and little weight. Each sachet weighs approximately 3gm. They can be easily carried around while traveling. They also do not occupy much space. Expenses related to storing and shipping palm sugar sachets are reduced significantly due to their miniature size and lightweight. Palm sugar sachets are packed extremely tightly; thus, reducing the necessity for additional packaging on the outside.

Palm sugar sachets are cost-effective.

The packaging requires a limited amount of raw material, which results in significant waste reduction. The packaging solution used in sachets helps reduce the company’s overall expenses significantly as the materials used for packaging are minimal. Sachets are cost-effective and help reduce landfill waste. They are a way better alternative as a packaging option when saving the environment. Environmentalists, in particular, prefer sachets because it helps reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. It helps minimize landfill waste.

Extended shelf life

The reason behind the tight packaging of palm sugar sachets is to extend the shelf life of the sugar in general. The customers do not have to worry about resealing the sachet once opened. It is generally believed that the customers will use the entire content within the sachet right away. Sugarous always ensure that the product remains fresh and natural when the customer opens the sachet. Packaging palm sugar in sachets also idle for hotel and restaurants industry.

Palm sugar sachets are convenient.

Palm sugar sachets are convenient and cheap. The packaging does not require the need for loads and loads of materials. The companies can effectively reduce the costs spent on buying materials for packaging. In today’s world, convenience is valued highly, and palm sugar sachets offer the most comfort to their manufacturers and their users. Its preparation saves the manufacturer significant time and effort.

Palm sugar has a low glycemic index.

Palm sugar is preferred mainly because it has a lower glycemic index than white or brown sugar. The glycemic index is the scale that measures how fast a particular food can cause a rise in our blood sugar levels. White sugar has a high glycemic index and a higher fructose and glucose content than palm sugar. Palm sugar has a glycemic index of 35 whereas white sugar has a glycemic index of 68. Palm sugar does not induce an abrupt rise in insulin levels, unlike white sugar. Diabetic patients can substitute white sugar with palm sugar if they crave a sweet tooth, as palm sugar can help keep the blood sugar levels from increasing abruptly.

Palm sugar aids in digestion.

Consuming palm sugar instead of white “table” sugar can be beneficial because palm sugar contains a dietary fiber known as inulin which mainly helps in digestion. The dietary fiber, inulin, enhances both digestion and mineral absorption. It also helps manage the bacteria present in the stomach. Another benefit of palm sugar is that it provides relief from constipation. Consumption of palm sugar after a carb-heavy meal can help your intestines release some enzymes that can ultimately help digest the food.


In general, palm sugar sachets and natural sweeteners are slowly becoming mainstream in India. People have started focusing on their health and diet now more than ever. Palm sugar and other natural sweeteners are the perfect replacement for the harmful refined sugar found in all of our homes. Their low glycemic index indicates that they do not cause blood sugar levels to rise abruptly, unlike white sugar. Palm sugar sachets have become a popular choice of sugar due to their numerous health benefits.