Is Consuming Brown Sugar Better than White Sugar?

Lets understand the basics

We have been mentally made to believe that brown as compare to white is healthy & better. It applies in every case, whether we talk about brown bread or brown rice. Similarly this applies to sugar also.
But the question arises- is really a Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar or it’s just a myth or smart marketing gimmick.
Healthy life follows healthy eating. And if a person is health conscious or looking forward to follow healthy routine, the first thing in mind will come to follow the strict healthy diet. Everything you buy, you will look at the health benefits on the packet. Even if you plan to eat outside, the eating portion will be measured back in your mind. And while giving away your taste buds, the sugar will always be on the top list. This results your switch from refined White Sugar to Brown Sugar.
There are lot of theories written on consumption of sugar, that how consuming white sugar on regular basis will result in adverse effect on human body. So the question is about- is there actually a difference between White Sugar and Brown Sugar?
As per studies, white sugar adds the fat content in the body because it is purely carbohydrate which may results in health problems. Whereas, Brown Sugar has around 0.25 less calories per gram and has more liquid as compare to White Sugar. There is only a color difference in these two, as molasses (Brown sugary syrup) added to it. Brown Sugar contains molasses, only because of that it contains slightly more minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium & iron than White Sugar. Other than that, Brown Sugar has no such great nutrition over White Sugar. It has 95% sucrose and 5% molasses, which just adds a flavor and the color of the sugar but doesn’t add any nutritional benefits. Brown Sugar has the same health risk factor like white sugar. So, both type of sugar is non recommendable for diabetic patient neither any of these helps to reduce weight.
Cons of white sugar

Brown Sugar Vs White Sugar

Here are some basic points, which one should know about these two types of sugar. As said by an expert nutrition both type of sugar white and brown are similar in nature. They have same nutrition value and add same amount of calories. The only differences are color, texture and their flavor. Also the making process is slightly different. The brown sugar goes with lesser chemical process while making as compare to white sugar.
It is a misconception that consuming Brown Sugar in any form will make no harm in the body. Although both type of sugar go through with different making process. But adding White Sugar or Brown Sugar in any of the recipe will add same amount of calories.
Majorly, the raw sugar is harvested by hand which found in fibres, before sending to the mill for production process. And surprisingly, the sugar can make it different and can produce various varieties. Contrary to the myth, Brown Sugar and White Sugar are same and only become different on one ingredient during the process in the factory. During the production process, all molasses has to be separated and removed for White Sugar and Brown Sugar is basically white or unprocessed sugar that does contain molasses which make its color, brown. Apart from that there is no much difference in terms of nutrition. Additionally, sulphur is used to remove impurities from the White Sugar which is very hazardous for human health.

Interestingly, there are various types of Brown Sugar is available in the market such as ‘Unrefined Sugar’, which has slightly large crystals as compare to White Sugar and it has light golden color. It is the ideal choice of most of the people because it doesn’t have any chemicals and tastes so much like honey. Secondly ‘Demerara Sugar’, which is available in light brown color and majorly used in baking purpose. It is partially processed sugar and tastes like caramel. Thirdly ‘Dark Brown Sugar’, which has extra flavor and amazing, taste perfect for sweet dishes.

One can easily make Brown Sugar at home and can store it in air tight container. Just have to add one tablespoon of molasses in one cup of white sugar. Stir it together till it covers the white crystals with molasses and results in brown color.
As said by the United States Department of Agriculture, Brown Sugar contains approx 17 kilocalories per teaspoon, and White Sugar contains 16 kilocalories per teaspoon. It’s just because of the molasses, Brown Sugar does contain some minerals in very less amount which does not make much difference in these two.
Ultimately, the entire debate of Brown Sugar being good for health than White Sugar is just a gimmick because the minerals which Brown Sugar contains are present in such minuscule amount, that it hardly makes any difference in these two. Also there are no real health benefits of consuming Brown Sugar in your diet. The actual difference is just taste and color.
Why coconut sugar?

Alternatives of unrefined sugar

If you are really looking for healthier substitute for sugar, there are so many natural sweeteners are available in the market. Out of all, Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar and Dates Sugar are counted as best suitable sugar substitutes for human health. These natural sweeteners contain many more nutrition, vitamins and minerals as compared to refined sugar which helps to improve metabolism and gives the strength to fight against health issues. Like other natural sweeteners Coconut Sugar has incredible health benefits as it is great source of iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Similarly Palm sugar maintains electrolyte balance in human body and boost energy level. Talking about Dates Sugar, they are available in various different varieties, in different color, texture and taste. It counts as one of the most delicious and healthy combination. Beside taste, it has several nutrients which can be treated for health benefits.
So in all, it’s always a best option to consume natural sweeteners as compare to refined sugar. You can also consult your dietitian or health expert for more advices.

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