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Sugarous natural palm sugar is a sweetener that is produced by boiling the sap of palm tree flowers. The sap is collected in the bottles and further heated to wick away all the present moisture content until the stage where thick syrup is obtained. Since the glycemic index of palm sugar is low(around 30-35), palm sugar is also suitable for diabetics patients as it has little impact on blood sugar levels but let’s not forget to consult your doctor or dietitian before using it. Unline white table sugar, palm sugar is unrefined and 100% natural retaining all it’s essential nutrients. It has a rich aroma and caramel-like taste. buy palm sugar and consume 100% nutrition.

Advantages of Palm Sugar
– Palm Sugar is an ideal sugar substitute for people with diabetes.
– A low GI food, ranks 35 on the index.
– Natural unrefined sugar because it involves minimum processing and no preservatives are used.
– Best alternative of white table sugar.

Q: Is palm sugar 100% Natural sugar?
A: Yes palm sugar is 100% pure and natural. It is an unrefined powder made from the sap of palm fruit.

Q: Can palm sugar be replaced by white sugar?
A: Without any doubt. Palm sugar can be replaced by white sugar and can be used in 1:1 ratio as compared to white sugar. Palm sugar has a low GI value and also contains several nutrients and minerals.

Q: Is Palm Sugar is suitable for elderly people?
A: The answer is YES. Palm sugar is suitable for all ages people. It is 100% natural and pure alternative to white refined sugar.

Buy Palm Sugar
Farmer collecting sap from the flowers of palm trees.
How Coconut Sugar Made
Heating and drying process of palm sugar
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Final powdered plam sugar

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10 reviews for Sugarous Palm Sugar

  1. vivekchoupra

    Tried palm sugar for the first time and I really liked it. The taste is unique but doesn’t alter the flavour of the beverage or sweet dish. Also, the packaging is of great quality.

  2. Swati Sharma

    Very nice product really loved it.

  3. sanyagupta7887

    As normal sugar is not good for health, also i have a sweet tooth, so i am searching for best substitute for sugar and i found it in this palm sugar.
    Best substitute for sugar, tastes superb, quality of product and packing is also top notch.

  4. Pooja Choudhary

    Very good in taste. All in all this is very healthy. i am using it for making sweets where we consume sugars directly.

  5. Prabha Khanna

    Nice product. Mildly sweet, good for diabetics. Blends perfect with all types of desserts. I hope this is a genuine product as the taste and feel of the sugar is real good. But for the first timer like me it is quite difficult to find out the genuinity of the product. Overall I am pretty good with satisfying my sweet cravings with this sweet yet healthy option.

  6. Alisha Bano

    This is the best sugar for thyroid patients or anyone can use .Taste is also good and i really loved the packing It comes in zip lock bag . And price is also affordable. Going to order more packets .
    Thumbs up 👍.
    Earlier I was using pure and sure palm sugar but I find this one is the best .

  7. Vidya Sharma

    Very good taste and natural color. Best for morning tea.

  8. Pradeep Jain

    I am amazed by the quality and packaging of this product good . It’s a good replacement of sugar and most important it is healthy. Thanks so much for the great price, fast shipping, I will definitely return as a customer.

  9. Usha Chawariya

    Very good alternative to white sugar. Taste is new as compared to other similar products. I also liked the personalized service from the Sugarous.

    • cogency

      Thanks Usha Ji for trusting in Sugarous coconut sugar.

  10. Goutam Sharma

    Tried this brand for the first time. Found it better than others. I m hooked to palm sugar and this one carries a perfect balance of sweetness and quality. Will order again. Thanks

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