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  • Date Sugar is a 100% pure natural sweetener and is also considered the best replacement for white sugar. Sugarous Date Sugar is a rich source of fiber, calcium, and potassium and also helps in the growth of bones and boosts immunity.
  • It has been dried and powdered so that it can be used as a healthy alternative to white sugar. One can easily use it in baked goods, fruit salads, milkshakes, smoothies, kheer, and many more.
  • Sugarous Date Sugar is a super-fine powder made from Noori-dried dates and is good for people of all ages.
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How do we use coconut sugar?

As it dissolves easily, so sugarous date sugar can be easily used in baking cakes, muffins, halwas. It is 100% natural and You can use it in anything including milk, porridge for children, and cereal.


100% Certified and lab tested dates sugar made from Noori-dried dates.

Where is it manufactured?

Our date sugar is processed in India and the raw product(dry dates) comes from Saudi.

How date sugar is produced?

The production of date sugar begins by importing the best quality dry Noori dates. The dates are sun-dried for a couple of days and then blended by using a high-quality blender on different mesh sizes to separate the powder from the granules and then preheat to 150 degrees. After this stage the powder is cooled down and stored in big containers.

Reviews for Date Sugar


7 July 2021

Amazon Customer

I have been using date sugar for so years now but this is my first time I ordered Sugarous date sugar and I am highly satisfied with the quality as its other products. Its a good healthy option we can give to your kids in place of using sugar. Dates provide energy and nutrition required for energy. My son liked it very much and the best thing about this product is that it does not contain any preservatives. Now I have tried almost all the products of this brand and I would definitely recommend it.

9 July 2021

Amazon Customer

I love this date sugar. I have been using this for a while now. This is a good product especially if you are travelling and need something healthy and clean. I use this for every sweet meal . I had ordered it for my mother in law for her breakfast as she was unable to have solids. The packet comes with zip lock so it can be locked after use. It's a good source of nourishment. This is far better than any other sweetener. Thank you amazon and sugarous brand.

25 July 2022

Pankaj sharma

great dates powder, the quality is very fine and natural. my wife liked it, thanks amazon for delivering on time

4 December 2021

Jitesh kumar

Its a great product, we are using date sugar for our baby cereals and he is loving it. I would recommend it for sure.

19 August 2022


This date sugar is now my go to priority in every sweet dish. This yummy flavour is addictive to my taste buds. I am loving it so far. It's worth buying!