Dates Powder (Kharik Powder)

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  • Sugarous dates powder is 100% natural and free from any preservatives.
  • Our dates Powder is made from 100% Pure, Premium Dried Dates.
  • Coconut Sugar has a low GI value of 35 which is suitable for all ages people and also good for diabetic people.
  • Sugarous dates powder can be used in all your dishes like Cakes & Cookies, Puddings, Sweets, Grain-free baking mixes for a Natural & Nutritional Sweet Flavour.
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How do we use dates powder?

Dates powder that has been sorted, pitted, dried, pounded, and sieved to a fine powder. Date powder has greater nutritional advantages than normal sugar and can be used in baby foods, smoothies, seasonings, cereals, dietary supplements, and Confectionery.


100% Certified and lab tested made with 100% organic dates.

Where is it manufactured?

Our dates powder is an Indian-based product processed by importing omani dates from Oman.

Reviews for Dates Powder (Kharik Powder)


8 July 2021


Amazing product with superb taste. I ordered this for my parents and they loved it. We are using it in all like milk tea coffee, cookies cakes and even in curd with meal. I tried baking cake using this Dates powder for the first time. It tasted so delicious. I am a sweet lover so atleast now I have a good and 100% healthy option to have. I will try more recipes with this dates powder. It taste like date sugar. I think both are same but the colour is different from the date sugar that I used earlier may be because of different in dates. Overall I loved it and recommend to buy this brand.

25 June 2021


I have been using dates powder from last 2 years but this is my first time I ordered from this brand. It's really good in taste and dissolve very nicely in everything. I am using it for baking purpose and Shakes. It's good for health. I Liked it as it serves my purpose completely. Satisfied with the brand.

9 September 2021

Mohit gupta

Used it in milkshake, and all I can say is it tasted so good that I am now using it in other food as well!! Highly recommended!!