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Organic Coconut Sugar

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Our organic coconut sugar is the boiled sap and dehydrated of the coconut palm and considered as one of the best alternative of regular white refined sugar. Just because of it’s low GI index value and low fructose content, our organic coconut sugar has caught lot of attention among people who are health conscious. It also contains several essential nutrients and small traces of minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Potassium. Coconut sugar is not highly processed as white table sugar, which in turn results into a high purity of natural sweetener.

Taste and flavor
With slight hit of caramel like flavor and much like brown sugar, it is very sweet and can be used in 1:1 ratio with regular white sugar. It comes in orange brown color and may very in coarseness and texture depending on the coconut species used and harvesting season.

1. Low-glycemic index of 35
2. Less sucrose and fructose
3. Natural sweeteners
4. Good for the gut
5. Better electrolytes
6. Relatively high on nutrients

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250 gm, 500 gm

2 reviews for Organic Coconut Sugar

  1. Arun Kumar

    Nice coconut sugar. Amazing taste.

  2. Neetu

    Sugarous coconut sugar is an awesome product, I started using it in few sweet dishes and enjoyed the taste too much . Good replacement for white sugar with increased health benifits. Particularly this coconut sugar brand is far better than others in the market.

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