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Sugarous Coconut Sugar

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Organic Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar is already gaining popularity and an essential part of the kitchen these days. Experts say that in the upcoming year’s coconut sugar will replace refined white sugar by 40-50% due to its benefits and low GI index value. Our organic coconut sugar is the boiled sap and dehydrated coconut palm and is considered as one of the best alternatives to regular white refined sugar. Just because of its low GI index value and low fructose content, our organic coconut sugar has caught a lot of attention among people who are health conscious.

It also contains several essential nutrients and small traces of minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Potassium. Coconut sugar is not as highly processed as white table sugar, which in turn results into a high purity of natural sweetener. Buy organic coconut sugar now and start consuming healthy nutrients. Coconut sugar is suitable for all ages people including children. Replacing white refined sugar with natural sweeteners like coconut sugar is one of the best ways to keep your life healthy and fit. Buy organic coconut sugar now and start consuming healthy nutrients.

Taste and flavor
With the slight hit of caramel-like flavor and much like brown sugar, it is very sweet and can be used in 1:1 ratio with regular white sugar. It comes in orange-brown color and may vary in coarseness and texture depending on the coconut species used and harvesting season.

1. Low-glycemic index of 35
2. Less sucrose and fructose
3. Natural sweeteners
4. Good for the gut
5. Better electrolytes
6. Relatively high on nutrients

Sugarous coconut sugar is a product of India and cultivates in the farms of Tamil Nadu by our local farmers. We believe in promoting Make In India mission and support our local farmers.

Q: Is coconut sugar 100% Natural sugar?
A: Yes coconut sugar is 100% natural and pure. It is a boiled sap of coconut flowers.

Q: Why coconut sugar is expensive in comparison to white refined sugar?
A: Producing coconut sugar is a very difficult process as farmers first collect the coconut flowers sap in containers by climbing the tall coconut trees that itself is a time-consuming process. After that sap is placed under heat for 5-6 hours to evaporate the water and further placed to dried up for a couple of days. After all this hassle the final outcome produced is the powdered coconut sugar.

Q: Is Coconut Sugar Nutritious Than White Sugar?
A: The answer is YES. Coconut sugar has a lot of nutrients and minerals.

Buy Organic Coconut Sugar
Farmer collecting sap from the flowers of coconut trees.
How Coconut Sugar Made
Heating and drying process of coconut sugar
buy organic coconut sugar
Final powdered coconut sugar

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15 reviews for Sugarous Coconut Sugar

  1. Arun Kumar

    Nice coconut sugar. Amazing taste.

  2. Neetu

    Sugarous coconut sugar is an awesome product, I started using it in few sweet dishes and enjoyed the taste too much . Good replacement for white sugar with increased health benifits. Particularly this coconut sugar brand is far better than others in the market.

  3. Rozi Ali Bano

    Very good product, Taste is also nice and natural.

  4. Swati Sharma

    Excellent product 👌. Use this instead of refined sugar.

  5. Rajshekhar Pandey

    Tried coconut sugar for the first time and really liked it. The taste is unique and sweetness is limited. the coconut taste is awesome. All in all this is very healthy. i am using it for making sharbats where we consume sugars directly.

  6. prernajoshi2

    Very nice product, The taste of this product is very rich. This can be useful for different types of recipes.

  7. Natasha

    Very nice taste and natural flavor.
    I really likes a lot this for the morning cup of tea.

  8. Nitin Gulati

    I have been using Coconut sugar in US and I can say this one is definitely great to use in India. I had baked muffins and used the Sugurous Coconut sugar and the taste cane it just yumm.. Definitely a must try..

  9. Diya

    As normal sugar is not good for health, also i have a sweet tooth, so i am searching for best substitute for sugar and i found it in this organic coconut sugar.
    Best substitute for sugar, tastes superb, quality of product and packing is also top notch.
    Highly satisfied by the product.

  10. Shipra Gothwal

    Nice product. Mildly sweet, good for diabetics. Blends perfect with all types of desserts. Packaging can get little better with double layers to avoid it getting crystallized. I hope this is a genuine product as the taste and feel of the sugar is real good. But for the first timer like me it is quite difficult to find out the genuinity of the product. Overall I am pretty good with satisfying my sweet cravings with this sweet yet healthy option.

  11. Jaishankar Acharya

    Awesome product.
    Perfect color
    Flavor, and texture!

  12. Heena Kashyp

    This is the first time I’m using coconut sugar.
    The texture is similar to that of jaggery powder but the taste is very nice. It adds a kind of different flavor to your tongue.

  13. Jatin Kumar

    Value for money.

  14. Goutam Sharma

    A perfect substitute for white sugar.
    Healthy as well as tasty. Has a gritty texture.

  15. Usha Chawariya

    Good alternative for health conscious people.

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