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When theĀ palm tree’s flower buds are harvested for their sap, a sweetener known as palm sugar is produced. Natural palmĀ sugar is sugar that has undergone little processing and no chemical additions. The sap is boiled to remove the water content and a thick syrup is formed, which is then further reduced to crystals powder form.

  • The natural vitamins and minerals that are found in palm sugar are well-known. Palm sugar is very famous for it’s benefits and is considered one the best replacement for brown sugar and white refined sugar.
  • Because of its low glycemic index (a metric for determining how different carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels), palm sugar has gained a lot of popularity. Palm sugar has a GI value of 35, whereas honey has a GI of 55 and white sugar has a GI of 85.
  • Palm sugar has a caramel-like taste and goes well with sweet treats like muffins, brownies, cakes, porridge, etc.
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How do we use palm sugar?

It can be utilized in the exact same manner as standard white sugar is utilized. It is quite simple to include in your morning routine drinks since it can be used in tea, coffee, juice, sauces, baking, and cooking in 1:1 ratio as white sugar.


100% Certified and lab-tested Palm Nectar Sap.

Where is it manufactured?

Our palm sugar is an Indian-based produced in Pollachi Tamil Nadu, India by farmers.

How natural palm sugar is produced?

To make palm sugar, firstly the sap is collected and then boiled until it becomes more viscous. The process starts with the harvesting of the flower bud stem of a palm tree, often known as “tapping.” The boiling sap can be hardened and sold as bricks or cakes after it has been cooled. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels, it can have a color anywhere from a light golden brown to an almost black dark brown.

Reviews for Palm Sugar


5 September 2021

Soma De

Good quality, the flavour could have been better. Easy to use in tea/coffeee.

17 December 2020

Praveen Kumar

Never had palm or coconut sugar in my life so I was little worried if I will be able to accept the taste. After a lot of research and ratings, I decided to go with Sugarous Natural Palm Sugar and this was going to be my first and last order but after using this I have to say that this product is really good which has a great taste. You will never miss the white crystal sugar ever once you start this. Using it as a sweetener for my tea and going to order again.

15 May 2021

Ahila Arun

Taste was good. Value for money

4 September 2021


I have been regularly using this since month..This shows, that I like this product. I rarely write reviews..But this deserve to be mentioned as good.

20 December 2020


I bought this for my baby to add as a sweetener in her food. Its good and genuine

2 December 2020


Using it as a sweetener for my tea and going to order again.

15 September 2022


This is the best sugar in India. It really helping me managing my healthy diet. I would recommend to all.

19 August 2022

Piya kalwani

I purchased this palm sugar with the hope of healthy substitute of White sugar. And it is really surprising that it's one of the bestest sugar so far. Loving it's taste. And it's great for diabetic patients too. It's an awesome replacement for normal everyday sugar. Worth buying!

5 September 2021


Easy to use in tea/coffeee.. Loved it!

15 August 2021

Amazon Customer

Worthy product..