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Sugarous Jaggery Powder

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It is believed that the jaggery powder acts as a detox and helps in cleaning the liver by flushing out different toxins. It is an unrefined sugar that is made by boiling the sap of sugar cane and is mainly produced in the Haryana, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu states of India.

Jaggery powder is loaded with different minerals and antioxidants that not only help in building immunity but also boost resistance against several infections. Sugarous jaggery powder is manufactured in Tamil Nadu India by local farmers and is 100% natural and pure.  Jaggery powder is one 1:1 replacement of white refined sugar that can be used in dishes like puddings, cakes, barfis, halwa and other types of sweets.

Advantages of jaggery powder
1. A good blood purifier
2. Helps in digestion and is also good for your gut.
3. 100% Natural and best sweetener for your daily life.
4. It enhances the taste of tea, coffee and other daily regular beverages.
5. Relatively high on essential nutrients.

Sugarous jaggery powder is a product of India and cultivates in the farms of Tamil Nadu by our local farmers. We believe in promoting Make In India mission and support our local farmers.

Q: Is sugarous jaggery powder 100% Natural sugar?
A: Yes jaggery sugar is 100% natural and free from any kind of preservative and chemical. It is a boiled sap of sugarcane.

Q: What is the shelf life of sugarous jaggery powder
A: The shelf life of sugarous jaggery powder is 10 months.

Q: Is jaggery powder nutritious than white sugar?
A: Yes for sure. jaggery powder has a lot of nutrients, minerals like zinc and selenium.

How Coconut Sugar Made
Heating and drying process of jaggery powder
jaggery powder
Fine jaggery powder after drying

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