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Sugarous Kimia Dates

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Sugarous Kimia Dates are rich dark coloured, soft and mouth melting dates. It’s juicy sweetness and smooth texture makes it most liked and delicious date connoisseurs of the world. Kimia Dates shape is Oval and size is usually between 2.5-4.5 cm. This mouth melting Dates are high in vitamins, fiber content and protein, which make them healthy daily consumption between meals.

Sugarous brings handpicked and original fresh quality dates from the Middle East to its beloved Indian customers. These Kimia dates are one of the best choices for all kind of Indian festivals, daily consumption and gifts to close ones. We at Sugarous follow all the food safety and highest standards as mandated by FSSAI.

Advantages of Kimia Dates

– Sugarous Kimia Dates improves the digestive system of body.
– These Dates are natural snack and provide instant amount of energy.
– Kimia Dates are also good for your nervous system and low in cholesterol.
– It also helps to maintain beautiful and smooth skin.
– Natural Sweeteners Dates are high in natural sugars like sucrose, glucose, fructose.

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