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Sugarous Natural Palm Sugar

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Sugarous palm sugar is a natural sweetener that is produced by boiling the sap of palm tree flowers. The sap is collected in the bottles and further heated to wick away all the present moisture content until the stage where thick syrup is obtained. Since the glycemic index of palm sugar is low(around 30-35), palm sugar is also suitable for diabetics patients as it has little impact on blood sugar levels but let’s not forget to consult your doctor or dietitian before using it. Unline white table sugar, palm sugar is unrefined and 100% natural retaining all it’s essential nutrients. It has a rich aroma and caramel-like taste. buy natural palm sugar and consume 100% nutrition.

Advantages of Palm Sugar
– Palm Sugar is an ideal sugar substitute for people with diabetes.
– A low GI food, ranks 35 on the index.
– Natural unrefined sugar because it involves minimum processing and no preservatives are used.
– Best alternative of white table sugar.

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