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  • Sugarous coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that is made with the highest grade coconut blossom nectar and has no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Coconut sugar is considered one of the best replacements for white sugar and is 100 percent natural and pure.
  • Coconut Sugar has a low GI value of 35 which is suitable for all ages people and also good for diabetic people.
  • Coconut sugar has a great, earthy taste and is often used in baking. It is a natural sweetener that is great for making tea and coffee at home. Coconut sugar is a healthier alternative to brown sugar and goes well with sweet treats like brownies, cakes, and porridge, etc.
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How do we use coconut sugar?

You can use it the same way you would use normal white sugar. It can be easily used in your morning tea, coffee, juice, sauces, baking, and cooking.


100% Certified and lab tested Coconut Nectar Sap.

Where is it manufactured?

Our coconut sugar is an Indian-based product produced in Tamil Nadu, India by our local farmers.

How coconut sugar is produced?

The production of coconut sugar consists of two distinct stages. The process begins with the harvesting of the flower bud stem of a coconut tree, often known as “tapping.” Our local farmers will create an incision on the spadix, at which point the sap will begin to flow into bamboo containers from the cut. After the sap has been gathered, it is placed in huge containers and then subjected to a heat source that is somewhat intense in order to evaporate the sap’s water content. The sap is clear and contains around 80 percent water. As the water in the mixture evaporates, it begins to change into a syrupy version of the sap.
Caramelization is mostly responsible for the brown color that appears in the sap when it is decreased.

Reviews for Coconut Sugar

327 ratings

16 October 2020

Divya G.

Nice product. Mildly sweet, good for diabetics. Blends perfect with all types of desserts. Packaging can get little better with double layers to avoid it getting crystallized. I hope this is a genuine product as the taste and feel of the sugar is real good. But for the first timer like me it is quite difficult to find out the genuinity of the product. Overall I am pretty good with satisfying my sweet cravings with this sweet yet healthy option.

20 April 2021

Parul dhamija

It's my second purchase and I m totally loving this sugar. Something perfect to add in my cakes and smoothies. The only downside- I can't add it to my cold coffee as it changes the coffee taste by acting as a predominant.

25 August 2020

Kalpana M.

I have been using another brand's coconut sugar for quite a while now. But somehow it was not available this time. I was confused but I was led to but this one... and, I have to say, the decision was 100% right.

4 December 2021


The flavour is awesome. though a bit higher on price but quality wise very good.I will repurchase.

28 October 2021


My son dont want any other coconut sugar brand,I'm using this sugar from last two years our whole family is enjoying the taste and flavour without any hesitation just go for it

26 October 2020


This is a better alternative than refined sugar. The only downside is the cost. I feel it’s pricey as compared to even organic sugar. I’ve tried swapping refined sugar with coconut sugar in tea and coffee and it sweetened it up quite nicely though.

5 September 2020

Shalabh Bhatnagar

Very happy with the product. Adds a bit of umami to the dish or any hot beverage. It's a healthy alternative to sugar or any other sweetner that may be fattening. Also would like to add a special mention that I am very impressed by the personalised touch added by a hand written note along with the packaging and a follow-up call on the experience. Shows professionalism and passion. Only negative is probably the cost which can be relooked as it's very expensive.

15 August 2020

Rahul P

I was looking for an alternative to refined sugar online, which is responsible for many health problems like diabetes and heart disease and have come across this brand Sugarous Coconut Sugar. The taste and flavour along with texture of this product is near to perfect fine and also it has many advantages like less fructose, helps in maintaining healthy gut and water content in body.

29 November 2020


Value for money ,a dream come true for all those people out there who are looking for substitutes of regular sugar. The raw coconut flavor and the aroma is so mesmerizing , loved every bit of it. Better than honey and jaggery for sure in terms of health benefits as well. Will purchase again and also a little goes a far away so worth the money!

2 September 2020


Iam reviewing this after using it for 5 days.i am actually allergic to coconut but coconut sugar is best when compared to sugarfree.u have to add 2 spoons of coconut sugar compared to 1 spoon of sugar

21 August 2020

sukanya potnur

I tried it for the first time. And I liked its flavour. Not too sweet. Just perfect as a natural sweetener. I would love to buy it again. Hope it maintains the same quality in future batches.

27 November 2020


Tastes very rich like coffee mixer with gur if you are very sugar addicted you’ll probably think it’s not sweet enough but for me it was perfect also nice packaging

16 May 2021

Srinu polimera

This product good with mild sweetness

28 November 2020

Sanah j.

Subtle flavour, good for people looking to cut down on sugar and diabetics. Can be added to most desserts. Very good packaging, the product inside remains fresh.

25 October 2020

Brij Raj Bengali

Tried coconut sugar for the first time and I really liked it. The taste is unique but doesn't alter the flavour of the beverage or sweet dish. Also, the packaging is of great quality. It is a great product in terms of taste, quality, value for money and packaging. Overall the product is awesome. Go for this healthy alternative of sugar.