Palm Sugar Sachets (200 Sachets)

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Introducing palm sugar sachets, first time in India. Sugarous Palm sugar sachets are very easy to carry and store due to their compact size and little weight. Each palm sugar sachet weighs approximately 3gm. Now you can carry your favorite sugar anywhere in your pocket. The sachets are also environment-friendly packaging and made by using craft paper.

  • One of the best refined white sugar substitutes, palm sugar is used in baking recipes all over the world. Unlike brown sugar or refined sugar, palm sugar is one of the best healthier alternatives that pair well with sweet delicacies like brownies, cakes, halwa etc, and is a great icing sugar for baking.
  • Palm sugar is 100% natural, pure, delicious, and caramel-like flavor. Our Palm sugar is produced in Tamil Nadu by our local farmers and is known for its purity and smoky taste. It can be easily dissolved in tea and coffee and one can easily replace regular white sugar with it.
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How do we use coconut sugar sachets?

Simply add one sachet of 3gm into your beverage, whether it be tea, coffee, milk or fruit juices. Mix it up with a spoon, and then take pleasure in your beverage sweetened with natural sugar without having to be concerned about the number of calories it contains.


100% Certified and lab-tested Palm Nectar Sap.

Where palm sugar is produced?

Sugarous palm sugar is a product of India and cultivates in the farms of Tamil Nadu by our local farmers. We believe in promoting Make In India mission and supporting our local farmers.

How natural palm sugar is produced?

To make palm sugar, firstly the sap is collected and then boiled until it becomes more viscous. The process starts with the harvesting of the flower bud stem of a palm tree, often known as “tapping.” The boiling sap can be hardened and sold as bricks or cakes after it has been cooled. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels, it can have a color anywhere from a light golden brown to an almost black dark brown.

Reviews for Palm Sugar Sachets (200 Sachets)


9 April 2022

Ankit Naredi

I have recently used these sachets and they are simply amazing. I liked the taste and quality of the product and 1 sachet is enough to sweeten my morning tea. Awesome product.

2 March 2022

Amazon Customer

I was looking for palm sugar sachets from long time and see finally I found these tasty and yummy product.