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Palm Sugar Sachets (200 Sachets)

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Palm sugar sachets

Introducing palm sugar sachets, first time in India. Sugarous Palm sugar sachets are very easy to carry and store due to their compact size and little weight. Each palm sugar sachet weighs approximately 3gm. Now you can carry your favorite sugar anywhere in your pocket. The sachets are also environment-friendly packaging and made by using craft paper.

One of the best refined white sugar substitutes, palm sugar is used in baking recipes all over the world. Unlike brown sugar or refined sugar, palm sugar is one of the best healthier alternatives that pair well with sweet delicacies like brownies, cakes, halwa etc, and is a great icing sugar for baking.

Palm sugar is 100% natural, pure, delicious, and caramel-like flavor. Our Palm sugar is produced in Tamil Nadu by our local farmers and is known for its purity and smoky taste. It can be easily dissolved in tea and coffee and one can easily replace regular white sugar with it. Sugarous Palm sugar is organic and contains several nutrients and minerals like Iron, Zinc etc which are important for the human body.

Advantages of palm sugar sachets
1. Easy to carry with you while traveling anywhere and also very convenient if anyone wants to keep track of daily sugar consumption.
2. Easy to start as trial and pocket friendly.
3. Palm sugar has a low GI value i.e. 35, which is very low in comparison to white sugar or brown sugar.
4. It’s 100% natural and organic product.
5. Suitable for all ages people.

Made in India
Sugarous palm sugar is a product of India and cultivates in the farms of Tamil Nadu by our local farmers. We believe in promoting Make In India mission and supporting our local farmers.

Q: Is palm sugar 100% Natural sugar?
A: Yes palm sugar is 100% natural and organic. It is a boiled sap of palm nectar flowers.

Q: How to use palm sugar sachets?
A: Palm sugar is 1:1 replacement of white sugar or brown sugar and you can easily pour it into your daily tea or coffee. One sachet of palm sugar is enough to make your tea/coffee sweet.

Q: Is palm Sugar more Nutritious Than White Sugar?
A: The answer is YES. Palm sugar has a lot of nutrients and minerals.

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