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Dates Powder (Kharik Powder)

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Dates Powder is a 100% natural sweetener and healthy replacement for refined sugar. It is an excellent source of iron and fibre and also helps in boost energy level and bone health. It can be used in daily recipes like kheer, sheera, porridges, cookies & cakes etc. Sugarous Dates Powder is a super-fine powder made from Omani dried dates and good for people of all ages.

100% Organic Omani Dry Dates

How to Use ?
Add 1-2 teaspoons of the Dates Powder to your meals.

1. Low-glycemic index
2. No preservatives, colors, and any additional flavors.
3. 100% Dried Dates and nothing else
4. Good for the gut
5. Good for people of all ages
6. Relatively high on nutrients

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400 gm


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